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If you like music, you may have already heard of Jamendo. This Luxembourg-based music website is a community of independent artists and music lovers. Jamendo is a subsidiary of AudioValley, and it has been an Independent Management Entity since 2019.

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To use Jamendo, users need to sign up for a free account. Creating an account allows users to add their names, email address, and website. They can also specify their musical taste and preferences by writing reviews for albums. Users may also share their favorite music with friends, or post their own reviews. Once they’ve made their profiles, users can then view and share their favorite songs, albums, and artists. You can even star albums or artists in Jamendo.

Jamendo has recently expanded its global presence. The site now has access to over 45,000 independent artists and musicians. There’s even a forum where artists can interact. They can post information about upcoming concerts and events. The site is also available in multiple languages, including Japanese, French, and German. Jamendo hopes to add Swedish and Czech versions in the near future. The company’s executives spoke at a recent iCommons summit in Croatia.

If you’re an independent artist or musician, you can also find the perfect music license on Jamendo. Jamendo is one of the largest independent music platforms. It provides free legal downloads of music, and offers various licensing and revenue sharing opportunities. Jamendo has over two million members, and has the largest catalog of Creative Commons-licensed music. The platform offers artists a global space to promote their music. And it supports artists by offering a platform for revenue sharing.

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