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VIP Music Records is an American global music corporation. It was founded in Brooklyn, New York, by Fabrizio Moreira. The company claims to be the most successful young music corporation in the Latin market. It has global corporate offices in New York Hibooz City, and has recently launched a new music platform, Secret Hit. Its goal is to promote artists of Latin descent. Here are some ways that VIP Music Records is helping artists break through. Let’s take a look at some of their recent releases.

VIP Mixes are special remixes of popular fashionnowdays songs. Often, these songs have not been released in the official way, so they may only be available as bootleg recordings. This way, VIP mixes become the ultimate collector’s item. One of the most popular VIP mixes is by Valentino Khan, which reached over 4 million Spotify streams in three days. Unlike most other music releases, VIP mixes are exclusive to select fans and DJs.

VIP is also equipped with a patch browser, which combines the timbre and tone of various VST virtual instruments and effects. You can use the keyboard to select plugins from your instrument collection, and then layer them using the intelligent patch browser. This allows you to search for sounds by instrument type, timbre, and style. VIP is the perfect solution for creating your own musical world. With the help of the intelligent patch browser, you can easily customize the virtual instruments and effects you use most, and expand your sonic arsenal.


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