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Usability Testing For Games

Usability testing for games is a process where an expert observes a game in action and performs tasks while interacting with it. These tasks help identify usability issues in the game, and help game developers prioritize and resolve them. The usability testing process typically takes two to three weeks, but initial findings are provided earlier. Furthermore, the testing allows game developers to change versions of the game during testing, which helps them verify the changes and make changes if necessary giniloh

During one of our tests, a user picked up a laser rifle and then forgot to use it until later in the game. While this is expected in a game, acquiring new weapons should be a clear reward. To improve feedback, the game displayed a text message when the player picked up a new weapon. This text message was clearly visible in the test, but could have been more subtle. Ultimately, the usability tests helped identify areas where the game needed improvement  bet6.

One of the most important aspects of usability testing for games is the ability to adjust the interface to fit the user’s needs. This is crucial in video games, where player vision is an important part of the game experience. Using the skills of a user researcher can help developers define the kind of challenge that a player will be able to enjoy. Similarly, usability testing for games can help reveal usability problems as well as fun stylishster.

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