Engagement Rings Throughout History_ A Focus on Engagement Rings from London

Engagement rings london have long fascinated the public. The rings of royal brides, Hollywood starlets, and celebrity couples offer a glimpse into lavish jewels. Some of these iconic engagement rings have intriguing backstories. Others introduced new styles that inspired copycats around the world.

Famous rings from history have varied greatly depending on the culture and era. In 15th century Europe, betrothal rings featured simple bands engraved with names or romantic phrases. During the Art Deco period, elaborate designs featuring Old European cuts and filigree took hold. Solitaires grew popular in the 1950s as diamond cutting advanced.

Some of the most famous engagement rings belong to British royalty. In 1947, Prince Philip proposed to Queen Elizabeth II with a 3-carat center diamond flanked by 10 smaller diamonds set in platinum. The side stones came from a tiara owned by Philip’s mother. Kate Middleton’s iconic ring also belonged to a princess before her – Diana Spencer. The stunning 18-carat sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaires instantly became iconic.

Hollywood engagement rings also capture significant moments in pop culture history. When Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor in 1964, he presented a staggering emerald-cut diamond weighing nearly 70 carats. The supersized sparkler made headlines for its jaw-dropping size. More subtle vintage rings charmed viewers when they graced the hands of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Modern celebrities like Beyonce and Cardi B have flaunted showstopping diamonds that spawned copycats. The 6.1-carat emerald cut given to Beyonce by Jay Z in 2008 set off a trend for cushion-cut solitaires. Cardi B’s nearly 9-carat pear shaped stunner from Offset also turned heads.

For those enchanted by the rings of royals and starlets, London jewelers like Engagement rings London offer sparkling designs fit for Hollywood. With vintage cuts and antique details, their rings are fit for a leading lady. You can channel iconic style with a ring inspired by classics of the past and present.

The significance and sentiment behind engagement rings make them true heirlooms. Passing down rings across generations preserves family stories while upgrading settings and stones gives them new life. Whether dazzling with old world glamour or contemporary sparkle, engagement rings carry history and meaning passed down through the decades.

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